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For over thirty five years, Bart Leather has been committed to producing the finest Leather, Suede, and Shearling garments, and has gained a reputation in the marketplace as the obvious choice when shopping for quality.

  • all garments are 100% Canadian made
  • designed and manufactured at our own exclusive facility in Toronto, Canada
  • we use only the finest materials, imported from Europe, and can offer our clients a choice from over 200 different colours, prints, and textures
  • custom orders are our specialty
  • schedule a consultation where you may choose your style, your colour , your leather, suede, or shearling material, , and we will make it to measure
  • we ship our orders World Wide free of charge

“Making the move”

Bart Leather made Yorkville Avenue its home since the early days in the sixties when it was known as Canada’s counterculture capital, and home to the hippies who frequented its many coffee shops and small boutiques. Yorkville did evolve into a trendy area for fashion.  

In 2008, Bart Leather made the move the vibrant area of King West or Liberty Village, which is turning into a trendy mecca for fashion and design.

Bart has designed and produced garments for many celebrities and sports stars, many of whom,  when in town for an appearance, drop by Bart Leather as a “must do” when visiting Toronto.

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